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Landing craft boat ALEUT LC112E


The new model ALEUT 1C112 Exlorer, designed specifically for travel needs, inside which can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people.

It is equipped with a full kitchen with a refrigerator and a latrine, and at the same time on deck can stand a couple of ATVs, which turns it into a kind of "floating base", which can not be afraid to go to the farthest distance with the ability to moor to any unequipped shore.


  • Length:
    11,20 м
  • Width:
    2,50 м
  • Weight:
    3600 kg
  • Load capacity:
    2500 kg
  • Passenger capacity:
  • Transom:
  • Maximum engine power:
    850 hp
  • Fuel tank:
    600 l
  • Thickness of board:
    4 мм
  • Bottom thickness:
    5 мм


For transporting cargo or a couple of ATVs, total weight up to 2.5 tons.

Landing craft boat ALEUT LC112E